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How to Clean your Windows Inside and Out

Clean windows are a major part of an aesthetic home. Over a period of time, it’s normal for windows to gather dirt, grime, watermarks, fingerprints, etc. These particles can affect how much light shines into your home.

Failing to clean the windows regularly means you won’t maximise the natural light. Experts recommend cleaning them at least once a month. However, the frequency can vary depending on factors such as your location.

Cleaning may not be a hectic task, but if you combine it with achieving a streak-free finish, suddenly it’s not simple anymore. Also, window cleaning differs from other cleaning methods for dusting places like shelves, floors or closets. If you use the wrong technique, you might worsen your windows’ condition.

In this article, we’ll follow a step-by-step process to clean your windows inside and out. This method will allow you to achieve the desired results without doing any damage.

1. Pick The Right Day And Time

Picking the right day is as crucial as using the right tools. You might think that a sunny day is ideal for cleaning, but in reality, due to exposure to direct sunlight, the windows might dry out quickly, which causes streaks. The cleaning solution will evaporate faster than you can wipe it off.

That’s why expert bond cleaning in Toowoomba recommend aiming for a cloudy day for the job. The lack of sunlight will allow you to see and clean the windows clearly. If waiting for a cloudy day isn’t possible, at least do it on a cooler day.

2. Remove Curtains And Blinds

Before starting the process, removing the curtains and blinds is important. Ensure you have sufficient space around the windows to remove the blinds easily. Move furniture or any other obstacles that are in the way. Depending on the height of the windows, you may need a ladder to remove them comfortably.

Additionally, it’s also the ideal time to wash them or to get rid of any accumulated dust through a wipe. You also have the option to spritz them using any capable fabric freshener. If you have blinds and curtains with long and unsecured cords, then consider replacing them with long cord ones.

3. Wipe Away The Dust

Once the window coverings are taken down, you should remove the dust from the edges of the window frame. Use a dry brush or a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment to clean the dry window surface. This will allow you to get rid of any dust, dirt or cobwebs that may be remaining in the corners or higher areas.

Ensure you clean the window sills and the frame, as doing them first guarantees you’re not dripping dirty water everywhere on your window panes.

4. Prepare A Cleaning Solution

For convenience, you can purchase a streak-free glass or window cleaner from the store. But if you prefer a DIY solution, then that’s fine as well. To prepare a DIY cleaner, just mix distilled white vinegar and water in equal parts.

Expert bond cleaners in Toowoomba recommend using one part of both ingredients and pouring them into a spray bottle. Consider adding a drop of dish soap to the solution to add more cleaning power. Now, your naturally streak-free cleaner is ready.

5. Clean The Windows Using “S” Shaped Motion

Start the process by spraying the solution on the window. Then, use a microfibre cloth or newspaper to wipe down the surface. Start at the top right corner and work your way down and across for the best possible results. Do it using a long “S” shaped motion and ensure every part of the window’s surface has been rubbed.

You can also use small but circular motions from the top corner to the down. It doesn’t matter which one you use, just make sure there’s a method and procedure behind the way you wipe, as this will ensure no spots are left. Do not forget to clean the window screens while you are on the job.

6. Remove The Excess Cleaner

To ensure a streak-free finish, wiping the windows after cleaning is vital. There are multiple tools available in the market for this part. Knowing which one to choose can become tricky. You can go with the most widely used one, i.e. microfibre cloth.

Remove the remaining water and cleaners using a microfibre cloth and let the windows dry. Another recommended tool for this job is a squeegee.

It removes as much water and cleaner as possible and helps minimise streaking while keeping the windowpane moist. Invest in a quality squeegee for maximum benefits. Professional bond cleaners in Townsville recommend not using paper towels or cloth that might leave lint on the glass.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning windows inside and out is simple if you follow a well-prepared plan. That’s how most professional bond cleaners in Toowoomba do this job effectively. Following this guide will help you make windows shine bright and keep them clean at all times.