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10 Important Questions to ask When Hiring a Cleaning Company

Over the years, the cleaning industry of Toowoomba has witnessed the emergence of several companies boasting of providing the best services at affordable prices. Thus, it is common to become confused and anxious while selecting one especially when you are at the end of tenancy.


You need them to get the rented property sanitised and retrieve your rental bond in full. To ensure the bond clean is performed adequately and professionally, it is essential to choose a professional bond cleaning in Toowoomba.

You can also hire a cleaning company for regular sanitation of your home. Thus, here is a list of 10 important questions to ask when hiring one. Have a look.

Is The Company Registered?

Prevent getting scammed by ensuring the companies you are considering for booking are registered with Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Booking an unregistered company for end of lease cleaning service is risky as they are not obligated to fulfilling specific legal requirements like registered companies, such as setting up a registered office, keeping financial records, having a place of business, giving details about company’s directors, and much more.

What Is The Company’s Reputation And Experience?

Learning about the company’s reputation gives insight into its reliability and whether it is considered credible by people who have availed its services.

In addition, you need to inquire about the company’s incorporation date as it will help you to learn how new or established it is. Knowing these things will give you a better idea about the genuineness of the business and whether its services are good.

Which Services Do They Provide?

Most reputed cleaning companies offer a plethora of primary and additional services to cater to the needs of clients. These services can include end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, office/commercial cleaning, and oven & BBQ cleaning, among others.

In addition to these, established companies may offer additional services like pest control, wall-washing, blinds cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning, and more. You must find a one-stop destination that can provide a variety of solutions preventing the need to book different companies for different services.

Is The Company Insured?

Although experienced and trained cleaners work professionally, asking about their company’s insurance is necessary in case of accidents, loss/damage of property, and other errors. Make sure to ask what coverage does the company and its cleaners have because it will put you at ease.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a company that isn’t insured or whose cleaners don’t have any policies that can cover expenses if they are hurt on the job.

Are The Cleaners Qualified, And Are They Employees Or Hired On Contract?

Ensuring the cleaners coming to your home are experienced, trained and qualified for performing the services you hired them for is crucial. You should ask how many years of experience the cleaners have, what are their credentials, what skills they have and other questions related to the cleaner’s abilities.

Furthermore, make sure you know whether the cleaners coming to clean the property are employed by the company or associated with the company via contract.

Does The Company Offer Free Quotes?

Reputed and reliable end of lease cleaning companies in Toowoomba offer free cost estimation of the services you plan to avail. These quotes are generated digitally and categorised as no-obligation because the estimate is created for reference, and the potential customer doesn’t have to commit to hiring the company.

Therefore, it would be wise to inquire from a company’s representative if they generate free and no-obligation quotes for end of lease cleaning and other services.

What Cleaning Supplies Do The Professionals Use?

Inquiring about cleaning products and tools used by the professionals of a company is essential to know if they can perform cleaning adequately and efficiently. In addition, it helps you to know if the property will be sanitised safely and without harming the environment or not.

You can choose a company that prefers using organic, environment-friendly, and non-toxic products along with equipment having a good energy rating. There are eco-friendly ways to clean a house and make sure the company you choose employs them.

Does Regular House Cleaning Help Reduce Stress?

Yes, because cleaning helps organise and neat house areas where you and other family members spend time.

Dirty and cluttered areas can overwhelm you visually and create stress by reminding you about pending cleaning chores. An uncluttered living space enhances the ability to think clearly, which is why you feel less distracted when your work desk, kitchen, bathroom and other personal areas are tidy.

Do They Provide A Bond Back Guarantee?

One of the prime reasons tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners in Toowoomba is to get their bond back in full. Therefore, it is prudent to ask the cleaners if they provide a bond back guarantee.

It is 100% assurance that the property will be cleaned thoroughly to help you receive a complete bond repayment. It also means after completing a job, the cleaners can re-clean the property until the guarantee period is over or the landlord is satisfied with the work.

Can You Provide Client Feedback?

To make an informed and correct decision while hiring a cleaning company, it is essential to ask about client feedback. By inquiring and researching you can avoid getting scammed by unregistered or unreliable companies that boast of offering excellent end of lease cleaning services in Toowoomba at economical prices. Thus, make sure to read reviews and checking rating before hiring an organisation.

Wrapping Up

Hiring the right cleaning company is essential to make you home sanitary or get your bond back in time. Thus, make sure to ask the questions above to ensure you make an informed decision.